Why This Pandemic Is Teaching Us The Importance Of Self-Love

Feeling Your Emotions Is An Act Of Self-Love

This lingering pandemic is teaching us many lessons, least of which is we can’t hide from ourselves anymore. When isolated during restrictions, we must face our trauma. There is no other way. It is an act of courage to deal with our emotions, without fearing or running away from. For in deferring our difficult emotions, we postpone our healing. Can you identify? For example, have you been coping in recent months, being isolated from family, friends and loved ones? What difficult emotions have surfaced during this time? How have you dealt with them?

Here’s an idea to consider: Many have noticed heavy emotions arise during the pandemic because of the pain involved. They have been isolated from loved ones, while others have lost their jobs. Many have families to feed, mortgages and the financial and emotional stress has become unbearable. This can bring up emotional pain and if we don’t work through it, we experience stress. We cannot escape the pain because where will go? Mental health therapists are inundated due to the stress of the pandemic we haven’t faced before. We cannot stow away our emotions or distract ourselves with other activities because they are not available now. It is why people are suffering because they must deal with the heavy emotions brewing for years. We must face them now and if we can’t do it alone, we ought to seek the guidance of a mental health therapist or reach out to those we love and trust.

The point I wish to reinforce is: By facing our trauma, we are practising self-love. This is the key message in this article. Facing your pain and feeling your emotions is the highest act of self-love you can give yourself. Deferring your emotional pain allows it to gnaw at you and grow in intensity. As mentioned earlier, to sit and feel our dark emotions is courageous because it is difficult to work through emotional pain and trauma. But we have no other choice because the emotions are coming up and pushing them away makes them grow stronger. So why not process them as best you can?

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